Pupillage Information

Cape Bar Information


Members of the Cape Bar are listed here. If a person’s name is not listed here, it means that he/she is not a member of the Cape Bar. Please direct any enquiries to the Legal Practice Council.

Requirements for membership

Prospective applicants for membership Cape Bar are required to fulfill the following requirements for membership of the Cape Bar:

  • be admitted and enrolled as an advocate in accordance with the Admission of Advocates Act, 74 of 1964; and
  • have satisfied the pupillage requirements of the Cape Bar (or any of the constituent Bars of the General Council of the Bar of South Africa), or exempted from the requirement to complete pupillage.

Applicants must also agree to be bound by the provisions of the Cape Bar’s Constitution.

To apply for membership of the Cape Bar, two forms must be completed and submitted to the Cape Bar: the (a) Application and (b) Declaration.

The completed application form and declaration for membership (including all relevant annexures) must be received by our offices at least 10 (ten) days before a Bar Council meeting. Your attention is specifically drawn to the fact that the required reference checks must be submitted together with your application for membership.

An application for membership must be delivered as an original document either in person or via courier to our physical address. The dates for the meetings are available here.

However, please confirm the dates with our offices, as it may change without prior notice.

Types of membership:

  • Full membership: members are required to keep chambers in Cape Town.
  • Associate membership: members are required to keep chambers in George or Knysna, and must be members of the George Bar.
  • Associate academic membership: members are exempt from keeping chambers given their academic commitments.
  • Honorary membership: by application only.


In order to become a door tenant at the Cape Bar, please first submit an application for membership comprising of the (a) Application and (b) Declaration. Once membership is approved, you may submit an application for door tenancy.

You may submit these applications together, but in all instances all the required documentation must be submitted. Incomplete applications will not be considered.