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The Cape Bar is a society of advocates of the High Court of South Africa.  Its members, each a specialist in litigation, practise independently.  The Cape Bar is governed by a Bar Council, which is elected annually by members in accordance with the Cape Bar’s Constitution.

As a general rule, members of the Cape Bar may only be briefed through the medium of an attorney.  The Cape Bar oversees vocational training, known as pupillage, of individuals who wish to become advocates and practise at the Cape Bar.

The Cape Bar is dedicated to promoting the rule of law, independence of the judiciary and of the legal profession and access to justice for all. It strives to ensure that its members render the highest standard of legal services and is committed to changing the composition of its membership to be representative of South African society. To that end, the Cape Bar encourages fair and equitable briefing patterns, and has implemented policies to promote transformation.

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