In order to become a member of the Cape Bar it is necessary to be admitted as an advocate of the High Court of South Africa.

All applications for admission as an advocate in the Western Cape Division of the High Court have to be served on, and are considered by, the Cape Bar.

Applicants bear the responsibility to make sure that their applications are complete and correct. In this regard, prospective applicants’ attention is drawn to the requirements of:

Applicants are encouraged to appoint a representative attorney, but are also encouraged to complete the application themselves, and in so doing to familiarise themselves with the requirements in the Uniform Rules and Court Notices for applications.

Applicants are also requested to complete the requisite reference checks.

Prospective applicants can download a template for the application for admission as an advocate of the High Court.  It is intended for guidance only, and is distributed by the Cape Bar in order to assist prospective applicants for admission. The Cape Bar accepts no liability of any kind that may result from any person relying upon this example.

Pupillage and membership