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Pro bono

Please note that our offices do not provide legal advice. For legal advice and related services, you must obtain the services of an attorney.

You may contact the Legal Practice Council on 021 443 6700 or at for more information.

Members of the public applying for pro bono assistance must first have an attorney on record, before such applications can be considered.

The Cape Bar is committed promoting access to justice in South Africa.   Each member of the Cape Bar is required to perform no less than 20 hours of pro bono service (legal assistance without charging a fee) per year.

The rules governing members’ obligations to perform pro bono services are available for download here (PDF).

The Pro Bono Committee of the Cape Bar manages the allocation of counsel from the Cape Bar to act pro bono for clients and organisations who qualify in terms of paragraph 1 of the Cape Bar Pro Bono Rules.

Applying for pro bono assistance

  • It is important to understand that the Bar is a referral profession.
  • Accordingly, in order for the Committee to allocate Counsel to act pro bono, the client must already be represented by an attorney (usually also acting pro bono).
  • Applications for pro bono assistance are made to the Cape Bar by the attorney acting for the litigant.
  • Once application has been made, it will be considered by the Pro Bono Committee, and the attorney will be advised of the outcome.
  • The pro bono application form is available for download here.
  • Applications for pro bono should be emailed to
  • All enquiries and/or applications for pro bono assistance should be directed to the Administrative Officer, who can be contacted here.

Justice Centres, NGOs, and similar organisations applying for pro bono assistance

  • If the organisation is a justice centre within the meaning of s 27.2.1 of the LPC Code of Conduct for Legal Practitioners, or otherwise entitled to brief counsel in terms of the Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014 and its regulations, please contact the Administrative Officer ( for an application form.

If you do not have an attorney, you can contact:

Legal Practice Council

The Legal Aid Board

  • Telephone: 0800 110 110 or 021-426 4126